Clinical effects of application of fiber optic de-fatting fighteniing with fat filling in the facial aging

Keywords:medical, fiber,medical, laser, fibers,  Time:11-09-2015
Abstract: ObjectiVe CIinIcaI e仟ects of appIication of fiber de—fatting with autoIogous fat tranSpIantation ln the faCiaI aging were discussed. MethOds Fiber de—fatting tightening was COnducted On the zy90matic face,the IOwer eye|ld bag,cheeks and chin area.At the same time,fatf.I|.ng imprOVed sag In the areas 0f Of tempOral regiOn,the eyeI.d Orbital grOOVe and nasOlabial suIcus. ResuIts 1 1 cases of this grOup were fOIIOwed up fOr 3~6 mOnthS,the aging faCial featureS were imprOVed effectiVeIy. ConcI usion The appIication Of the combinatiOn Of OplicaI fiber de—fatting ascension fascia with fat tlssue f川ing OperatiOn in faciaI aging had smal|trauma,an ObVious effect and maintained a lOng time.
key words:fiber de—fatting:OpticaI fiber sOIubIe fat:faSCia aScensiOn:autOI090us fat f⋯ing;faCiaI COmprehensive scuIpture