Report 628 cases liposuction asisted with fat dissolving by low-energy laser

Keywords:medical fiber, laser fiber,  Time:21-09-2015
Abstract: Objective To explore a new technique of assist liposuction thus to save time and energy and make liposuction safer.Methods Appling vibration or negative-pressure liposuction in 628cases(on totally 2 202 bodyparts)with the assistance of low—energy Iaser. Result The retrospective comparison with vibration liposuction in—dicated that liposuction assisted by low—energy Iaser iS much safer and helps save time and energy with less In—iury and complication and shorter period for recuperation. Conclusion Low—energy Iaser as a new technique to assist liposuction has been proved to be safe and effective.which iS worth popularizing.

Key words:medical fiber,fat dissolving with Low,energy laser,vibration and negative,pressure liposuction