Radial Fiber

Applicable to the diode laser, professional in treating veins.


With or without scale mark on the fiber
Standard SMA/FC connector
Extension sleeve available in various colors
Self-design on request
Standard length 3m, NA=0.37

Product Details

When using a conventional end-face fiber (figure on the right), the laser energy leaves the fiber ahead and is scattered by a cone. At the same time, an abrupt increase in temperature to a few hundred degrees occurs in the tip of the light guide, which contributes to the formation of carbon deposits at the tip of the fiber, to the ruptures of the vein to be treated, and as a result to hematomas and pain in the postlaser period.
When using a radial light guide, the energy dissipates as a ring along the entire circumference of the vein (figure on the right). This is just an advantage that allows you to make the process of processing the veins unprecedentedly accurate and uniform. The effect of using such a fiber in comparison with the end - the ability to successfully handle the veins of any! diameter, absence of hematomas, pulling sensations in the postprocedural period. Terms of wearing compression knitwear after laser treatment using Radial technology are significantly reduced. Undoubtedly, this invention of German laser workers is one of the most valuable in phlebological practice over the past few years. However, the cost of a radial fiber remains high enough, so in Russia it is used in single clinics! (including ours).

Ordering Information

Connector Core[μm] Length[m]
SMA905 / FC 400 3.0
600 3.0


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    Vascular Surgery