The clinical observation of semi-conductor laser treatment of hypersensitive dentine

Keywords:, laser, hypersensitive, dentine,  Time:19-07-2015


[Abstract]  AIM:To observe the effects of treatment on hypersensitive dentine by semi-conductor laser.METHODS:126 patients were divided into two groups,experimental group and control group.In the experimentalgroup 142 teeth were dealt with semi-conductor laser three times.138 teeth of the control group were dealt with750ml/L sodium fluoride glycerine to rub at local zone three times.RESULTS:The immediated total effectiveness ofthe experimental group was 95.8%,which of control group was 75.4%.The immediate and long-time total effec-tivenesses of the experimental group were both prominently better than those of the control group(P<0.01).CON-CLUSION:Semi-conductor laser is a safe,effective and convenient method to treat hypersensitive dentine.

Key words]semi-conductor laser;hypersensitive dentine
[Chinese Journal of Conservative Dentistry,2002,12(5):272]