Analysis of safety and efficacy between sequential laser lipolysis and repetitively pulsed laser lipolysis

Keywords:medical fiber, yag,  Time:15-10-2015
Abstract:0bjection To analyze the safety and efficacy between sequential Iaser lipolysis and repetitively pulsed laser lipolysis.Methods We considered the adipocyte in vitro as our research subjects.which were randomly divided into experimentaI and controI groups.When the power had been set to 8W.Iaser Iipolysis was proceed by using a 980nm diode with sequentiaI pulse and repetitively pulse on different pulse width.The temperature of the tube wall and the volume of the upper oiI after centrifugation should be recorded.Results The oil volume of the blank control group was welI as the pulsed Iaser group was maximum and the sequentiaI laser group was in between.As the pulse width grew,the oiI volume had been Iarger and Iarger.Accordingly,the temperature of the tube walI has gradually increased.As the pulse width surpassed 90ms and the cumulative energy surpassed 1 500J(average 1 50J/m1),the temperature 0f the tube wall exceeded the safety value of 420C.Conclusion(DThe efficiency of the repetitively pulsed Iaser iS better than the sequential Iaser.The pulse width iS longer.The effect iS better.
1,The temperature Of the repetitively pulsed laser is higher than the sequential laser.The pulse width is longer.The temperature is higher.
2,It is safe when the pulse width is below 90ms and the cumulative energy is less than 1 500J(1 50J/m1).

Key words:lipolysis;sequential laser;repetitively pulsed laser;safety; medical fiber