Clinical application of laser lipolysis

Keywords:medical fiber, laser , Lipolysis,  Time:10-10-2015
Abstract: Objective To describe the experience of laser lipolysis and laser-assisted liposuction Methods Fifty-four cases of laser lipolysis and Laser-assisted liposuction had been done since March 2006 to June 2006 All patients came frOm Bioscor Shanghai and HangKong clinics.The clinical results were evaluated by both doctor and patient following 3 months follow-up.Results Definite result of s|imming down could be noticed 3 weeks post-surgery.And satisfied result could be archived 3 months post-surgery There were slight bruising and swelling which lasting 2-5day in treated areas.The skin was smooth and soft 1 month post-surgery.No skin losing had happened.Conclusion Laser lipolysis appears to be a promising procedure with advantage of less trauma,quick recovery time,and skin tightening.
Key words:laser lipolysis;liposuction;body sculpture;laser fiber;medical fiber