Efficacy and Side Effect in Chinese Superficial HemangiomaTreated by 595nm Pulsed Dye Laser--Results of 10-year Analysis

Keywords:side, effect, infant, medical, fiber,  Time:24-07-2015
Background:The 595 nm tunable pulsed dye laser(PDL) has been used in China for more than 10 years clinically. However, no studies about its effect and side-effect in the treatment of superficial hemangioma have been documented.
Key words:hemangiomas; pulsed dye laser; efficacy; side effect; infant;medical fiber
Objective: This study was designed to retrospectively summarize 595nm PDL usage in Chinese patients.
Methods: Infant patients with superficial hemangioma, who had received 595nm tunable pulsed dye laser treatment in our laser center in the last 10 years, were recruited.Detailed demographics, results of assessment about their degree of clearance and clinical examination for treatment complications were entered into SASS10.0 version database, and statistical analyses were conducted.
Results: 657 cases with superficial hemangioma were recruited from the total 1037 cases treated by 595nm PDL during the period time. The overall effectiveness rate was 91.17%. Female patients respond better than male, the difference was statistically significant (P<0.001). Lesions at different part of the body respond differently to the treatment with lesions on extremities show the best result. The response rate does not increase with time of treatments. The most common side-effects were pigment changes and skin atrophy, which usually resolve spontaneously and disappear completely in a few months.
Conclusions: Our experience confirmed the satisfactory clinical efficacy and safety of the 595nm tunable pulse dye laser in the treatment of childhood superficial hemangioma.