Clinical analysis of 985 female cases with urethral caruncle treated by carbon dioxide laser

Keywords:medical fiber, laser fiber, CO2 laser,  Time:12-10-2015
Abstract: Objective: the aim of this study was observe the effect of carbon dioxide (CO2) laser treatment in female patients with urethral caruncle. Methods: 985 female cases with urethral caruncle from out-patient department of our hospital were treated between January 2006 and December 2012 by CO2 laser and followed up 12 months after laser therapy. Results: Analysis was carried out in 927 female patients who underwent CO2 laser treatment for urethral caruncle and completed the 12-month follow-up. In these patients, 917 cases were cured after CO2 laser therapy with a cure rate of 98.9% and recurrence rate of 1.1%. Second laser surgery was carried out in 10 patients with recurrent,and no relapse was found within another 12-month follow-up. Conclusion: Treatment of urethral caruncle using CO2 laser has high curative rate and low recurrence rate, and more comfortable during and after surgery.
Key words: CO2 laser;Women; Urethral caruncle;medical fiber;laser fiber