The Application Of Medical Holmium Laser Fiber

Keywords:Medical Holmium Laser Fiber, Medfibers,  Time:07-07-2021
The working transmitter of the holmium laser is Holmium Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet (Ho: YAG), which is a pulse generated by using a krypton scintillation light source to activate the rare element holmium embedded in the yttrium-aluminum garnet crystal A type of near-infrared laser with a wavelength of 2140nm, which is just in the absorption range of water. The pulse time of the laser is 0.25ms, which is much shorter than the thermal conduction time (1ms) of the tissue, so the thermal damage to the surrounding tissue is small, the tissue penetration depth is less than 0.4mm, and the remaining thermal damage depth can reach 0.5~1.0mm, and the tissue is solidified. And necrosis is limited to 3 to 4mm.
The holmium laser has a high absorption coefficient in water. Because the tissue is mainly composed of water, the main energy is concentrated on the surface, so that the laser has a good cutting ability and tissue resection ability. During the tissue cutting process, it is for blood vessels with a diameter of 1mm.,Hemostasis can also be performed, which provides a promising new method for prostatic hyperplasia, urethral stricture and urinary tract tumor resection that require high-precision and high-energy instant resection.
Holmium laser also has a very good lithotripsy function. Through a kind of "drilling effect", the vaporized stones are discharged out of the body, which can effectively smash various components of urinary calculi, and can cause the water contained on the surface and inside of the stones to be removed from the body. The instantaneous energy absorption is highly vaporized and expanded, causing countless continuous micro-blasts, and these micro-blasts produce secondary shock waves, so the urinary tract stones in the patient's body immediately disintegrate from the surface and the inner layer under the double micro-blasts. . Another feature of holmium laser is that its light wave can be transmitted through silica silica fiber, which is flexible.
The application of holmium laser has brought the treatment of urinary calculi to a new level. The holmium laser has a wavelength of 2.1μm and is a pulsed laser. It is the latest of many surgical lasers. The energy it generates can vaporize the water between the end of the fiber and the stone to form tiny cavitations and transfer the energy to Stones, crush the stones into powder. Water absorbs a lot of energy and reduces damage to surrounding tissues. At the same time, the penetration depth of holmium laser to human tissue is very shallow, only 0.38mm. Therefore, the damage to surrounding tissues can be minimized during lithotripsy, and the safety is extremely high.
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