Clinical Analysis on Treatment of Varicose in Lower Extremities by Using Endovenous Laser

Keywords:medical fiber, laser fiber,  Time:08-10-2015
(Department of Vascular Surgery, Shenzhou Hospital Affiliated to Shenyang Medical Collage, Shenyang 110002 China)
【Abstract】 Objective To evaluate the effects of endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) on varicose in lower extremities.Methods All 235 limbs in 210 patients with varicose in lower extremities were treated with EVLT. Results All patients were followed up 3 months to 7 years (mean 3.82 years). The result was satisfied, other complication was not observed except phlebitis of lower extremities in 18 cases and recurrence in 13 cases. Conclusions EVLT is new treatment of varicose in lower extremities with advantage of safety, effectiveness and minimal-invasiveness.
【Key words】 varicose laser treatment intervention,medical fiber