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Global medical device market outlook in 2015

Keywords:medical, fibers, , Laser, treatment,  Time:17-07-2015


Looking forward to the future, to measure the global medical device market income add is a slower pace. Kalorama stock company to add in 3% a year, adding mainly because the researchers add aging and the developed countries, as well as the new economy to add the cost of medical. The stores to measure in 2018 to $427 billion.

Market forecast is a bit to save, the reason is that: in the United States, in 2014 is the second year of the levy a tax on medical devices. In Europe, the expenses in the face of battle, the instrument's maybe more strict management now. Other local new mall again to help improve the prolapse of income, but the market can't traditionally expected to add compensation in developed countries.

Bother us tax

Goods sold in the United States in a medical device company for two years they sell the forehead of the tax of 2.3%, medical apparatus and instruments as a some of the patients to maintain and affordable health care. According to the medical imaging and skills alliance (MITA), the American association of leading medical skills (AdvaMed) and MDMA statement, by the year 2014, medical device manufacturers pay a monthly tax measure at $194 million.

Results in 2013, widely affected the net income tax, although the practice value of the company is not the same. Johnson & Johnson &johnson, the biggest in the world of medical equipment company, paid $200 million. The burden is less than some expected, but still has influence tax. Query by emory's high group, 45% of high-grade manager thought of tax affairs of their 2013 "big" or "must have" negative impact, while 34% believe "no impact".

Kalorama company measure, this year, in the United States, obtained from the customer, equipment manufacturers earned 1% less in the total revenue. In total, sold in the United States accounts for the total 42.

Europe continue to face pressure

European medical device market are facing pressure, because most of the European mainland government sponsorship and payroll taxes for the root of the health care system in the economy still being less. German Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung disease (safe) funds difficult experiences on the source of funds, therefore forcing managers need to cost reduction plan. Referred to as the ministry of health and safety of France on the social security system of medical economy is also very embarrassed.

But, this area needs is still strong, because Europe's aging faster than the other local. The European Union will see, health costs to add 350% by 2050, and regional economy, as the whole, in this period extension only 180%. This information came from the organization for economic cooperation and arrangements.

Traditional medical equipment store (referring to European and American market, under pressure, this year the company to promote the sale of their goods is looking for a new shopping mall. Common, Asia is to make the compensation. In charge of the international medical device market more than one 6 in Asia, China added the cost of medical treatment, Japan and other Asian countries are also conducted to add slightly. Previous statement carried out the transaction in our country has a strong company in the United States varian medical equipment company, blood skills companies in the United States, Denmark health insurance company.

All the other local international (outside of the United States, Europe and Asia) also has some appropriate medical equipment store, to supply added with the increase of potential. Despite the global general equipment store only a very small to add, but Mexico, Malaysia and Brazil because of the added on health care costs, estimated two digits to add on the instrument. More medical equipment companies expected to attach importance to these imports more stores, about medical equipment makers, Latin America and the Middle East is as the most important source of added.