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Foreign monopoly medical equipment medical care to people

Keywords:medical, equipment,  Time:16-07-2015

Once upon a time, "here we have many sets of multinational company's latest medical equipment" is hospitals attract patients and research into the best advertisement. But in the future, this kind of foreign goods in our country, a popular day will be gone forever.

Released on February 7, national food drug safety administration of the innovative medical devices especially examines program (try out) ", puts forward the innovative medical devices set up special marking channels, priority; On May 26, the national health development planning commission launched the first batch of domestic medical equipment selection; On August 16, national health development planning commission and ministry of industry and jointly promote the 3 armour hospital signs show that domestic medical equipment in high-end category of medical equipment, medical equipment is all the government to promote the "localization" action is accelerating.

"A hero is known in the time of misfortune," continually support the encouraging policy for domestic medical equipment ushered in the "s" best ever. On August 15, a building is only 3 years, President xi jinping called profession vanguard of private company -- Shanghai united medical technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "shadow") together with the balance of the ten self-developed high-end medical equipment on international medical equipment fair in China, with dozens of multinational companies to compete.

A declaration of war "GPS"

Brand first "this is our country medical equipment to diagnose, cure, long-distance medical information systems across the board cover goods formation among the international high-end medical equipment professional center camp." Al shadow President zhang qiang, "China economic weekly" interview indicated that under building world-class medical equipment company in China is their desire. "Bag yesterday for three years, we have been in meditation to the wishes, three years in the future, our policy is to do the market occupancy of top three!"

Broke into the top three, on the back of this oath means united shadow over three years to be completely break the multinational giant mall monopoly in our country.

For a long time, China's high-end medical equipment market monopoly by foreign brand. According to the calculation of association of Chinese medical equipment, in 2013 China's high-end medical equipment professional more than 70% of the market proportion is general electric (GE), Philips (Philips), Siemens (Siemens) which is called "GPS" multinational company monopoly, and more than hundred brand in our country only scored all lack of 20% of the proportion in the mall.

In may this year, xi jinping in al shadow watch to watch shows that some underlying can't afford to buy high-end medical equipment, now people can't afford to use. We should accelerate the high-end medical equipment localization process, reduce costs, promote the national brand companies continue to grow, to the national health lifeblood real master in Chinese own hands!

"All the market monopoly by foreign company, not only can lead to equipment and service offer artificially high, also can form a serious patent barriers, and in such a monopoly situation, follow the medical informatization gradually into the big data s, people's physical examination at ordinary times, image data have confirmed the existence of outbound flows of infinite danger." Zhang qiang told the China economic weekly show that "if you want to break the current situation, you must make a master center technology brand in our country."