Under Fiber Nasopharynx Laryngoscope the YAG Laser Treat the Epiglottis Cyst

Keywords:yag laser, medical fiber,  Time:09-10-2015
[Abstract] Objective To explore the possibility under fiber nasopharynx laryngoscope treat the epiglottis cyst with YAG laser. Methods Under fiber nasopharynx laryngoscope, From the fiber nasopharynx laryngoscope of hole put into the YAG laser the fiber, and treat the epiglottis cyst 84 patients.Results 84 patients all were cured. Following up above 1 year, No patients relapse. Conclusion Under fi ber nasopharynx laryngoscope the YAG laser treat the epiglottis cyst the operation is simple, The effect is satisfaction.

[Key words] Fiber nasopharynx laryngoscope; YAG laser; Epiglottis cyst;Medical fiber