Service Policy
Other company product maintenance
Such as semiconductor laser therapeutic apparatus
Maintenance of the company products
Warranty:12 months

We ensure that reasonable consideration has adopted to the equipment in the design, production, storage and transport. This insurance This guarantee can replace and release all the others which is not clearly put forwarded, no matter be expressed or restricted or other laws, including, but not only in the characteristics and adaptability of the commodity. The delivery, storage, clean, sterilization and the diagnosis, treatment, surgery of the patient , factors which out of our control will directly affect the use of our instrument and equipment effect. Our liability is under this guarantee only, not including the repair and the change of the apparatus. What’s more,we will take no responsibility on any accident caused by improperly using the apparatus. We will not assume or authorize any other individual to take any responsibility associated with the apparatus.   
Return/Repair Policy
Under some certain circumstances, fibers can return to us. Generally speaking, If any product can be provided with faults due to material and craft but not caused by improper use in the guarantee period, you can return it to us.

Return Merchandise Authorization
Before returning a product, you need to get the RMA. A product without RMA cannot be returned. Please contact our customer service to provide the following information:
1、 Customer name
2、 Hospital name
3、 Model
4、 Batch number
5、 Reasons for the return

Special tips:
In order to protect the hospital and company, all the product must be sterilized and return in sealed package. When receiving the returned product, we will detect whether it can be returned. We only refund products which have faults in material and craft.

Unused/unopened product:
Disposable sterilized product can only be returned with original sealed package. Products should be returned in 15 days. We will charge 25% storage fee more than 15 days. Products exceed 30 days will not be refunded.