Skin Laser Surgery

Keywords:Skin, Laser, Surgery,  Time:12-05-2016
We all yearn for beauty. In times of continuous breakthrough in medical technology, both men and women are willing to reclaim their youthful skin through laser machine, radiofrequency treatment and intense pulsed light. Their effectiveness is widely acknowledged in the medical community.
One can improve skin quality through intense pulsed light and laser. They both heat up collagen in the upper skin layer and stimulate collagen production.
Intense pulsed light is the emission of broad-spectrum light energy. Due to its not-so-focused effect and difficult control, intense pulsed light is only effective in treating certain skin conditions. In laser treatment, a focused beam of a specific wavelength is emitted to treat a particular skin problem. Some laser systems are capable of emitting laser energy of various wavelengths with varied performances.
Applications of Skin Laser Surgery Improving Skin Quality & Reducing Pigment There is a wide array of new laser medical technologies for optimal skin improvement and pigment reduction,e.g. AFFIRM, Gentlelase, V-Beam, Versa Pulse,NdYAG Laser, Alexandrite Laser, Galaxy, Polaris (laser &radiofrequency), Aurora(intense pulsed light & radiofrequency) and CO2 laser systems.
Laser treatment is also suitable for lightening body tattoo, eyebrow tattoo and eyeliner. Adequate treatment may require 5 to 10 sessions. Each session is conducted every 4 to 6 weeks. Recovery time ranges from one to several days, and some crusting may appear after treatment.
Lightening Vascular Lesions (Telangiectasia,Port-Wine Stain & Hemangioma) Patients with facial redness or congenital vascular lesions can be treated by V-Beam laser.For a full treatment, you may undergo 5 to 20 sessions at 6-week interval between each session.Hair Removal You can have unsightly body hair removed with multiple sessions of laser. Its effect may last a long period, but isnot necessarily permanent.Treating Surface Imperfections or
Acne Scars
AFFIRM laser, pulsed dye laser and Ultrapulse laser are effective at improving acne scars and surface imperfections.AFFIRM typically requires 5 to 6 treatments for acne scar improvement.
These treatments are not suitable for pregnant women,people who suffer from skin inflammation or serious chronic diseases (e.g. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus),and those who have taken any medication that heightens skin’s sensitivity to light before treatment (e.g.Tetracycline, Retin A). People who are dark-skinned or have sun tan recently may be prone to more adverse reactions. Radiofrequency treatments are not advised for those with a pacemaker.